What is the Trail of Honor?

Each May, the Jackson Mississippi Harley Davidson dealership is closed to normal business and transforms to host the Trail of Honor a living history demonstration event like no other.

The Trail of Honor began in 2003 to welcome the Run for the Wall riders and to honor our vets.  What began as a pit stop on the Run for the Wall with a single Civil War cannon has evolved into a 3-day event staffed by more than 300 living historians and volunteers.  In 2015 the Trail of Honor attracted more than 35,000 visitors and has THREE  TIMES been a winner of the annual Southeast Tourism Society SHINNING EXAMPLE AWARD.

The Trail of Honor features historically accurate demonstrations of military life in a walking trail through history. From the French Indian War to the current operations. The Trail of Honor gives the public an insight into what our service men and women endured while fighting for freedom.

The Trail offers a chance to meet real life American Heroes. Ex-POWs, Medal of Honor Recipients, Gold Star Families, Tuskegee Airmen, Pearl Harbor Survivors and many more VIPS who are on hand to talk with the public and share their stories.

2014 Trail of Honor, run time 22 minutes, video produced by American Spirit TV.

The Mississippi Wing of the Commemorative Air Force hosts the Aviation Trail of Honor presenting aviation artifacts, static and flying aircraft from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Trail of Honor Map


1.   French and Indian War
2.   American Revolutionary War
3.   War of 1812
4.   Texas War of Independence
5.   Mexican/American War
6.   Confederate Home Front
7.   Company Laundress
8.   Confederate Infantry
9.   Confederate Artillery
10.  Calvary
11.  Federal Artillery
12.  Federal Infantry
13.  Federal Artillery
14.  Federal River Navy
15.  Winter Quarters
16.  Spanish/American War
17.  World War I
18.  World War I – “Donut Dollie”
19.  World War II – Field Hospital
20.  World War II – South Pacific
21.  World War II – Europe
22.  World War II – German Troops
23.  Korea
24.  Vietnam
25.  Hanoi Hilton
26.  Vietnam Wall
27.  Desert Storm
28.  “The First to Fall”
29.  USS Mississippi (SSN 782)
30.  Armor Displays


I got the Honor of seeing this procession [over 120 bikes escorted the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall] on my way home from a trip to Louisiana.  We got stopped by motorcycle cops and we could hear the roar of motorcycles before we were honored with a glimpse of the wall in route to its destination.  It was truly a moving experience and it brought a tear to my eye.  God Bless America!!

Tina Hutchins-Dille - Adamsville, TN

Chance Encounter with a Vietnam Veteran: This afternoon I had the distinct privilege of being in the presence of two Vietnam veterans. One I have known for many years as my barber. The other I have never met.

It was the end of the work day for my barber and I was his last customer for the day. But in the barber's chair was a Vietnam Veteran. We began talking about the weather and cleaning our motorcycles following a rainy ride. Then the veteran began talking about his day. This veteran normally avoids events like the Trail Of Honor.

It brings back memories that can be difficult. Today, for some reason, he left home on his HD and rode to the Trail Of Honor. He spoke slow, softly, with control as we listened without interruption. He recounted the respect he experienced and felt from the time he was guided by the motorcycle parking area security personnel until he reach the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. He talked about the crowds of people. This veteran has never been able to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C.

As he reached the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall, he was proud to see the standing Honor Guard. He talked about the book of names and the help he received finding the names of his friends listed on the Wall. He talked about the sounds of the Huey’s, a familiar and welcome sound. He wished everyone could visit and experience the Trail Of Honor and the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. As the veteran left the barber shop I was moved by his experience with the Trail Of Honor and the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.

Richard Courtney Sr. - Clinton, MS

Everything was Awesome! Talking to the Vets was a special honor. The reenactments were great..Nothing about it was not Good..Highly recommend.

Linda Lott - Jackson, MS

I'd just like to say thanks to Earl, all the employees of Harley Davidson in Jackson, and all others that are involved with putting this together. It's such a tribute to all America's military both past and present! If you've never been, give yourself a real treat and stop by!

George Ward - Milton, FL