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Trail of Honor Launches New Website to Honor Vets

Jackson, M.S. – The Trail of Honor organization launched a new website today. “The Trail of Honor organization has been working on the website endeavor for the last several months,” stated Dave “Mac” McElroy, director of Trail of Honor. “Our organization sponsors and volunteers have been working to help support and give tribute to our country’s veterans since 2003. It is only fitting that we give back to those who have protected us. The new website will allow community members, military aficionados, and historians a way to obtain information regarding the events and sponsorship opportunities. It’s a great cause and everyone has fun learning about our past. At the same time, visitors leave our events understanding what sacrifices are made for our freedom,” continued McElroy.

The Trail of Honor website can be found at Users can browse event photos, plan their visit, and donate to the cause. Merchandise is available as well as tickets for events.

Thank you to all volunteers and sponsors

The Trail of Honor would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors of this year's event. It takes us all to make the The Trail of Honor the incredible event that it is and will continue to be. Today is why we do what we do...Memorial Day is a day for us to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we are able to enjoy each and every day. Remember them today, mourn their loss, but celebrate their lives. Be grateful today for those that are willing to raise their hand, swear an oath to defend the United States and our Constitution, and who have gone into harms way; Freedom is not Free. For those that fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know...
All Gave Some, Some Gave All; and we will
NEVER Forget...