The Trail of Honor features historically accurate demonstrations of military life in a walking trail through history.  From the French Indian War to the current operations.  The Trail of Honor gives the public an insight into what our service men and women endured while fighting for freedom.


Trail of Honor Map

(1) French and Indian War; (2) American Revolutionary War; (3) War of 1812; (4) Texas War of Independence; (5) Mexican/American War; (6) Confederate Home Front; (7) Company Laundress; (8) Confederate Infantry; (9) Confederate Artillery; (10) Calvary; (11) Federal Artillery; (12) Federal Infantry; (13) Federal Artillery; (14) Federal River Navy; (15) Winter Quarters; (16) Spanish/American War; (17) World War I; (18) World War I – “Donut Dollie”; (19) World War II – Field Hospital; (20) World War II – South Pacific; (21) World War II – Europe; (22) World War II – German Troops; (23) Korea; (24) Vietnam; (25) Hanoi Hilton; (26) Vietnam Wall; (27) Desert Storm; (28) “The First to Fall”; (29) USS Mississippi (SSN 782); (30) Armor Displays.

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